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Wire Forming – Prototypes Plus – Pick a quantity and we will deliver it. From simple to complex wire forms, we will meet your needs quickly and with accuracy. Breasco has over 30 years expertise in forming wire products and supplies some of the largest manufacturers in the automotive industry.
Additional Operations – Whether it is clipping, ferruling, coating, mig, or resistance welding, let us know what you need and get a more complete part.
In-House Tooling – If Breasco needs special tooling to get your product to where it needs to be, then we will build it and build it quickly. We adapt forming technology on the fly, always breaking new ground, and finding unique ways to do what others cannot.
Short Lead Times – Breasco is committed to the best lead times in the industry at no cost to quality.
Quick Quoting – You need numbers. Your customer demands them. Time is money and Breasco, like you, wants to get to the business of making and delivering product.
Drop Shipping – Breasco is here to make you look good. We will ship to your customer as you, using your paperwork, labels, and packing list. Once you are familiar with Breasco’s consistent performance this option can prove to be a real time saver.

Production shop? How we can help …

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As a production company you need your prototypes fast, affordable and accurate. A shortfall in any of those requirements often compels the decision to scrap outsourcing and bring prototypes in-house where such factors can be controlled. Unfortunately in order to get the quality and speed, the cost of expertise and equipment go up. And when prototypes are not in demand, that equipment and staff need to be used elsewhere, sometimes rendering resources unavailable when demand returns. It’s a headache, and not really the thrust of your business. Breasco can help. We can deliver the speed and accuracy that will impress your customers, while costing you less than dealing with it yourselves.

Stringent Quality Control

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Our customers should expect nothing less than the best possible product, and great products require discipline, procedure, and oversight. As part of our determination to provide the highest quality results, we have attained ISO 9001:2015 certification. So, besides getting a high quality product, our customers also remain assured that they will continue to do so with increasing efficiency. Breasco’s management system has been certified by QMI-SAI Global, a global leader in quality services, solutions, and certifications.